A pioneering drug discovery venture company promoting the development of novel cancer drugs using innovative technology.

Our vision

To sail into a new dimension where further advance the existing medical system, treatment methods, and economic rationality through innovative research results and exploratory research, by breaking with conventional wisdom and.

Mission statement

To create or discover innovative anti-cancer drugs through industry-academia collaboration and achieve a high quality of life after anti-cancer treatment without anxiety for those treated. Through these efforts, we will contribute to a society that can improve the age of health and respond to changes in social structure.


  • We will not be bound by preconceived ideas, but will Approach all cancer treatments from a new perspective.
  • Challenge areas where treatment is becoming more prolonged, rather than focusing solely on the size of the market potential.
  • Contribute to reduce the burden on patients by economically rational treatment drugs.
  • Leap to a new dimension with new ideas and perspectives on cancer treatment.

A.C.C.L. is our Value.

Corporate Philosophy

Pursuit of Innovation
Contribution to Society
Human Resource Development and Succession

Guidelines for our actions

Don't set limits for yourself
Walk one step ahead of others
Always keep efficiency in mind
Share the joy with your friends
Question your own actions once
Don't jump at the chance to innovate without getting the basics down
Act calmly and boldly


Head Office

2‐2‐1, New Elimo Bid. 8F A2, Senba-nishi, Minoh-shi,
Osaka 5620036 Japan

Laboratory in joint research with Wakayama Medical University

401 CIMS 811-1 Kimiidera, Wakayama-shi 641-8509, Japan