A drug development program for the treatment of muscle non-invasive bladder cancer utilizing the anti-tumor effects of the MA-T® system, with PI/IIa to be initiated in July 2023 as an investigator-initiated clinical trial. The superiority of the MA-T® system in terms of recurrence rate compared to already approved anti-tumor drugs and BCG will be established, and the plan is to out-license the drug after PIIa.


Develop therapeutic agents for the treatment of cancerous peritonitis/peritoneal dissemination in colorectal, ovarian, and pancreatic cancers, utilizing the same mechanism as HM-001. Confirm drug efficacy using a pancreatic cancer model.


Subcutaneous administration of ALKBH3 inhibitor to animal model of pancreatic cancer showed efficacy equivalent to gemcitabine, aiming for early out-licensing after GLP study.


Glioblastoma is the target. Confirmation of drug efficacy at the enzyme level (Hit compound acquisition completed).